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Colonease + Oxyhemo Liquid & Nutritional Guide

Colonease + Oxyhemo Liquid & Nutritional Guide

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 Colonease helps the body in the process of releasing accumulated wastes. It works in partnership with other products.
You have a group of organs that work together to discharge metabolic waste and toxins from your body. These are the lungs and skin, the lymphatic system,and the organs that eliminate waste form the foodstuff we digest; the kidneys, gallbladder, liver, intestine and the colon. In addition to helping your colon to eliminate these toxins from the body, COLONEASE contains both nutritional and medicinal herbs which work synergisticly (one thing acting with the other to augment the sum of the group), delivering the necessary cleaning agents some of which are: anti-oxidants, antiseptics, anti-inflammatory and acid neutralizers which help the body completely cleanse itself. YOUR BODY WILL NOW BENEFIT FROM A NEWLY CLEANSED ALIMENTARY CANAL AND ALL OF YOUR INDIVIDUAL CELLS.  YOU ARE NOW REVITALIZED. THE HEALING HAS BEGUN.


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